I AM: My Own Healer ::LIVE EVENT:: June 16 in Hollywood, CA

Saturday, June 16, 2018 12-4pm come LIBERATE yourself!

Learn to become your OWN Healer at the Illuminate and Master Healing course. You’ll learn delicious self-care practices including Reiki (energy healing), EFT (emotional freedom technique), and end the day with a powerful and relaxing blissitation (blissful guided meditation.)

What you’ll take-home:
?EFT hand out to remind you of the tapping points and key phrase(s)

A Reiki 1 Manual

Level 1 Reiki attunement

?Level 1 Reiki certificate

??Reiki infused VitaLife Organics vitamin, mineral, non-toxic deodorant

???Downloadable blissitaion to play at home

???And of course a glowing inside that will have you radiating with love and light.

I AM: My Own Healer will be lead by Emily Blake of Illuminated Reiki ? and Jennifer Johnson of Mastering My Moon®?.

The course is $200 and payable through: to register please pay and a form will be sent to you to complete! 🙂

-PayPal: http://bit.ly/IAMPayment
-Venmo: http://bit.ly/IAMpaymentVenmo
-Other: please contact us

✍?You ARE registered once paid. If you pay through PayPal it will direct you to a form to fill out. If you pay through Venmo or other we will send you the online registration document to complete.

To provide the most value to everyone the I AM: My Own Healer course is limited to 8 beautiful women.

? Have a blessed day! ?

Looking forward to seeing your light!?

?Part of our proceeds will be donated to the One Girl at a Time Foundation to aid them in their wonderful mission to encourage, empower and educate teen girls through workshops and mentoring programs that support healthy self-esteem, education and life skills, thus creating informed future women leaders who know their value to the world and are inspired to make impact of their own. Because women supporting women is part of our mission!?

Please arrive by 11:45 so that this magical course can start powerfully!


Meditation….starting with the basics..WHY & HOW!?


I finally learned how to ACTUALLY meditate and once I had that breakthrough meditation I personally have had amazing willpower, I literally got my self off of cookie butter and I didn’t even feel like I was depriving or wanting something that I couldn’t have..I just decided I’m not eating it..I have 4 jars in my pantry as we speak that have now been there for over a year since I started meditating..just waiting to not be eaten. 🙂 Also I’ve been able to read! I mean I can actually read! For as long as I can remember I try and try to read but I have always had SOOOO many thoughts in my head that I couldn’t get through a page and actually understand it..now I CAN! I can have conversations with people and actually listen to them and not have my thoughts wondering..if this happens to you then you understand already but if not..basically most of the time I use to talk to people while planning my day or thinking whatever..and it seemed like every word they said would spark a new thought about SOMETHING! Making it so I really wasn’t listening. ALL of my relationships have improved significantly! I’m able to stay focused! (and just as an FYI…I had thought that I had meditated many times before I actually had..or at least before the “breakthrough” meditation and was wondering what all the fuss was about…MY key was not learning to get the mind silent, but controlling my mind when thought did come up to get back to the mantra and control it away..I think that’s what really helps…CONTROLLING YOUR MIND, not letting your mind run on its own.) All this was possible for me by spending 20 minutes per day with myself and actually MEDITATING and going within!

BrianJohnson.me has a great lesson on meditation..meditation 101/How to Meditate Without Moving to the Himalayas…my additional “Jenius” Meditation Tips: When you meditate with the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21-day Meditation series’  FOLLOW these directions for ideal meditation. 🙂


When the recording starts (with Oprah) already be relaxed, either sitting comfortably or laying down (I lay down on the ground).

Start taking deep slow breaths, my favorite breath is the inhale through your nose for 6 seconds, hold breath for 2 seconds, exhale through your mouth for 7 seconds…(there are many breathing styles out there so if you don’t like this then do another one).

Close your eyes, calmly resting eyes in your head as if they are looking out your “3rd eye” in the middle of your forehead, if it hurts your brain, be more gentle, no one wants a headache..but sometimes it takes a lot of times to not get one..you are literally working your pineal muscle..and it’s just like any other muscle and can hurt when you’re strengthening it. 

Once Oprah and Deepak have spoken and you’re on your own with the mantra repeat the mantra, when other thoughts come into your head don’t get frustrated, just repeat the mantra, the key to meditation is getting those thoughts out pleasantly..but it’s natural to have them.

At end of Meditation stretch and have a great day or night. The “experts” say it’s best to meditate in the morning, I like to meditate in the morning but I ALWAYS mediate at night right before bed, it puts me into a great sleep.

**extra tip: If you have A LOT of thoughts while you’re meditating and you’re actually trying to not forget them..try writing out everything you have to do, everything you’re thinking in a journal or on a piece of paper BEFORE you start the meditation process so you can be more present and have fewer thoughts to fight off. 🙂 

EASY 20 MINUTE MEDITATION Series: Download Meditation to your iTunes or music player.

I promise you this super cute video of Ashley and I is really boring…is just to show what 20 minutes of meditation with crystals really looks like. 🙂



POWERFUL Meditation to Remove ALL Obstacles

This can be done once but is most powerful when done as a 40-day Meditation Practice.

This powerful meditation combines a mantra and a mudra to clear blockages in life and in communication.

You can do this meditation for 3, 7, or 11 minutes. 11 is best but do whichever you can commit to for 40 days straight.

If you forget to do a day..no worries..just start over. ?

The mantra is to be chanted while sitting comfortably in easy pose with eyes closed and focused at the third eye point.
Having both of your hands with pinky and thumb touching and the three middle fingers upright. Hands are to be placed at shoulders with elbows bent by the rib cage.

Every time you say “such” thrust your stomach inward.


Remover of Obstacles POWERFUL 11 Minute Mediation -JOIN US on YOUTUBE!

You will chant:
Aad such, jugaad such, hai bhay such, nanak hosee bhay such.“

This Meditation is perfect for when there is a block which you want to move, and it’s not moveable.



Because all that is stopped shall move.



Mudra to Open Up Blocks in Communication

Press the pad of the thumb firmly onto the nail of the Mercury (pinky) finger for about one minute. When we press the pad of the thumb onto the nail of the Mercury finger, it is called locking the Mercury finger. “By locking with the pinky (Mercury finger), you develop the inner strength to communicate anywhere with anyone, under any circumstances. Or read the thoughts thereafter.”


What will this Mantra & Mudra Combo do for you?

I swear it’s been magical since I started…I have opened up a writer’s block and I didn’t even know I was a writer! I have had even more energy! I have been able to stop sabotaging myself in terms of food and lifestyle patterns. So much good is just flowing out of me..I jenuinely feel that I am a bubble of light that is unabated and living confidently authentic with grace and love with every breath I take, every move I make, and every thought that comes. No matter what others say or do to me I am able to filter it through my bubble and and have the outcome for the greatest good shine through.

~Jennifer Johnson

I’m on day 6 and I am experiencing breakthroughs in so many areas…I haven’t had coffee, or sugar (which I was addicted to), and have been able to do a cleanse easily with no cravings for junk food since I started this meditation to remove blocks. I’m noticing that I’m valuing myself even more, and am being a light for others and supporting them through being vulnerable and opening up! This meditation is fo real! Haha!

~Emily Blake


Enjoy this powerful meditation. Please let us know what unblocks in your life!