Let go… for you, for those you Love, for the World

Peace Please

I woke up this morning feeling the innate desire to heal hearts, specific and unknown. I literally saw the exact hurt in hearts and used the universal reiki healing energy to send the loving healing energy that was needed. I then starting writing  this free flowing journal entry that follows. Yes it has a couple of repeating phrases, it is what was coming through and what your heart needs to hear.  Sending more loving healing energy to you. ❤️‍🩹💫

Forgiveness is a form of letting go, letting go of wounds in your heart and soul. Forgiving yourself and others. Healing doesn’t take time it takes focus on yourself, your needs, and knowing that everything happens for a reason and everyone is a lesson in life. You needed to love them in order to grow in a way that you otherwise wouldn’t. Every catastrophic event comes from the universe forcing change upon you. There’s generally smaller signs, things that happen to you but if you don’t listen to the quieter signals, and/or if you numb yourself through them then you will “suffer” more and longer. The universe’s nudges will grow more significant until you have no choice but to make a difference, often nearly close to death. If then you still don’t learn what is left? How will you learn?

Harboring, holding onto negative thought patters, pain, or someone only deepens and extends the wounds. Heal by forgiving, by letting go, it does not make you a better person for holding on to your grief, no one will judge you for letting go, they will be happy for you and they too will be able to enjoy their lives more fully. No one wants to see anyone in pain, but they will be there for you and listen. Listening to others, knowing the pain they are going through makes everyone sorrowful and in low spirits. Your happiness can start now, it is your choice, you have all the power. Love yourself, love your lessons, love your life, love is the answer. You can move on and still love the ones you must let go. Letting go doesn’t mean you love or loved them less if anything it means you love them more. Holding on to the resentment, memories, confusion, anything that is not serving you, anything that is holding you back from the joy that you want to live. It doesn’t take time to heal, it takes focus and letting go.

Forgiveness is a form of letting go, letting go of what has hurt you in any capacity. Moving on by taking the next best step without guilt knowing your happiness is felt by other, your sadness is felt by others. None of what others think matters but also it also all matters, we are all one. I feel a duty within me to raise the vibration of the world, although I live at a high level I can not be fully complete without helping others feel the same. When you are truly happy it radiates from your being and spreads to others. When you are sad it does the same. Be the change you want to see in the world. Your inner joy and peace will turn into world peace. If we are all happy we are all successful and in peace with ourselves and others. I love you, I love me. Your heart needs to hear this. If you are wounded by loss (again in any capacity,) let go, you are hurting yourself and those around you. You might be open and complaining to others, forcing others to hear on repeat your sad story…and they will listen. They will listen out of love for you, provide you with validation but do you want that for them? Do you want them for yourself? On the other hand you might be in a secret grief by “trying” to hide it, “trying” not to be hurt, but it shows up in someway or another, if nothing else by your aura. You must stop wanting to hold on to the pain and let it go! NOW!

Why do you hold on? What is it doing for you? When is enough time? Why do you think you need time to heal? How much pain do you want to suffer through? Is there a fear of being judged? Fear of forgetting the good memories? Betraying the other person? Betraying your own true feelings of love toward the other person? What is it? If it was a death your grieving…do you think they would want you to suffer the rest of your life or for any amount of time? If you believe the answer is yes, is that love? If not, let it go, celebrate their life and the joy it brought you. Did it bring you joy? Are you remembering all the good parts? Trying to forget the bad so you can stay in suffering? If it were backwards would you want them to feel the way you do? Would you want them to be happy?