Last Quarter Moon

Depending on your cycle, yet always, the last quarter moon is the time that we step into our true self. It might be a time of off balance if you don’t feel right with where you are in life, you might be unstable if your diet, meditation, sleep routine is not what your body is requesting. Why? If you are on the moon cycle, meaning you menstruate with the full-moon, this is all amplified because this is when your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone decline to their lowest levels. This is the time to be with yourself and focus on you! You will get the most insights and it is the best time to be completing tasks. This is also the time that those chocolate or other food cravings appear if your magnesium or other nutrient levels are low. This is the time that irritability could have a hold on you if you are not getting enough healthy fats, are eating too much sugar, drinking caffeine on an empty stomach, amid many other self-sabotage lifestyle actions. This is the time that it is best to eat and supplement with items that are rich in quality B, calcium, omega 3, and magnesium.

What is special about this last quarter moon is that we are entering into the compassionate Pisces so even without your period being in sync with the new moon there will still be a bit of tension within us all. So be generous with yourself and others. Tune in and do what relaxes you. Set your intention to be generous and loving with yourself and in your communication with others.

Most importantly enjoy living in the flow with the Last Quarter Moon and always! 🌗